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Jacqueline Schaffer, M.D., is an American entrepreneur and business woman, author of the International Best Selling book, Irresistible You, and a high energy public speaker on the subject of Women’s Unique Challenges in Business Today, Female Empowerment, and Entrepreneurship.


She attained her Medical Degree at a young age, and was affected deeply by her mother’s contraction of Skin Cancer for a second time – and the fact this affliction was partially attributed to harsh and toxic ingredients found in beauty and skincare products.

Shocked by this fact, and determined to prevent this from happening to other women, Jacqueline researched the beauty product industry in depth – learning about the origins of the packaging the products came in, the supply chain involved in creating a product, and most importantly, the exact molecular composition of each and every ingredient in the products being marketed today.

Founder of SchiqueBusiness

As she discovered more about the impact of this process, she became even more determined to change how these products were made, distributed, and to educate women about the dangers and toxicity in some of the beauty and skincare products available. This lead her to develop her own natural skincare product line, Schique, and her own business that produced and distributed natural and ethically sound beauty and skincare products.


She also wrote a complete and through guide to skincare, titled Irresistible You, which quickly became a #1 International Best Seller. The book became a popular favorite, as a complete, medically sound, guide to skincare, and dietary guidelines that affect the skin. As her popularity grew, she was recognized and nominated alongside, Jessica Alba, Jen Atkin, David Olsen, Gregg Renfew, Anna Tran, and others in the LA Fashion Beauty Awards. She has had many appearances on the TVSN Network, introducing her philosophy and natural products to millions of viewers, and has taught skin physiology, clear skin improvement programs, and the effect of neurohormones to celebrities such as Olivia Culpo, Jeanine Mai, and the founder of multi-million dollar company Think Thin, Lizanne Falsetto.

Media AppearancesMentorship

In creating her own product line, managing her own successful company, and promoting her ideas and products globally, she gained a unique knowledge and perspective on the many challenges and strains that affect a female business owner, or Femalepreneur.  This became a foundational idea for her – that women in business face a different set of challenges, and that empowering women to succeed can truly make a difference in the world we live in. This became a focus and passion in her career, and she began speaking publicly and mentoring women worldwide on how to develop their own business, succeed in getting their ideas and innovations heard and represented. As a result, she has been featured on Clever Girl Finance for Helping Women Grow their Business from the Ground Up, has appeared on Business Rockstars as a speaker on Mentorship, and Her Campus on How She Got There. She has also appeared on CBS, NBC, Money Inc., Entrepreneur, and many others.

Natural GlamTechnology

She also recently developed another business venture called Natural Glam, an on-demand beauty app that connects professional hairstylists and makeup artists with consumers onsite with ease. This app has already launched on Apple Itunes and Google Play, and will be rolling out to major cities across the continental United States in late 2019. 

Jacqueline Schaffer, FemalePreneurFemalepreneur

Her quest to share her experiences and empower like-minded women to succeed in business, has made her a sought after global public speaker on these subjects. As an advocate for change and women’s empowerment, she’s had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with some of world’s strongest female business owners and operators, and has begun organizing a community, that she has branded Femalepreneur – and plans to create a learning platform for women’s business education, and host events and gatherings worldwide, introducing and sharing ideas with the global audience.

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