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Must Know Skin & Hair Tips For Swimmers

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer Skin & Hair Tips For Swimmers

Must Know Skin & Hair Tips For Swimmers

I love swimming all year around since it’s great exercise since you are able to burn more calories without the hard pounding on the joints and muscles. Here I have a few pointers to help you protect the skin and hair from chlorine damage.

  • Pre-rinse: Washing your hair before dipping into the pool hydrates the top layer of your hair which keeps it from drying out. Rinsing your hair helps prevent damaging chemicals from getting soaked up and ruining your luscious locks. A helpful alternative can be conditioning your hair with coconut oil or a silicone based hair serum.
  • Cleanse: Carbonated soda and fresh citrus juices detox your hair and remove chlorine, impurities, and salt.
  • Post-rinse: Don’t hold off on rinsing off after a swim. Take your time to let the fresh water wash off all the chlorine from your skin to avoid the chance of any skin irritation.

When it comes down to your skin you have to follow the golden rule of ‘always use SPF’ during any outdoor activity. Sun protection that contains zinc oxide is an anti-inflammatory compound that offers water-resistant sun protection. ┬áNormally any SPF lasts for 40 minutes so be sure reapply generously.

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