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How Much Makeup Your Skin Absorbs A Year

Dr. Jacqueline Schaffer Makeup hpw much Your Skin Absorbs A Year

How Much Makeup Your Skin Absorbs A Year

This week I decided to share more insightful skincare tips, because what is power without knowledge? At one of my beauty events I was asked about how absorbent our skin is…and the response to that question was quiet shocking to my lovely attendees. Turns out that about 5 pounds of makeup is absorbed every year for women who applies it daily. For makeup enthusiasts, they sometimes apply up to 20 different products to their skin and who knows how many bad the chemicals their body is breaking down. Some common harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens have been traced back to skin cancer and rapid aging.

Here are some simple solutions to you can practice for better and healthier skin:

  • Be sure you cleanse and polish your face to fully remove your makeup
  • Allow your face to rest and breath without makeup
  • Find beauty products that are chemical-free

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